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Here are some of my shoutouts

This is katy, What up katy? you kick ass coz you're gross just like me :-D  Katy's Website

First off, a major shout out 2 lizz girl, u rox!!! ::hug::
Lizzie's Website

also shoutouts 2:

Kimmy, my best online buddy!!! what up, u should go to the movie's and DDr :-D   :-P

katie, you're still a great friend, maybe we'll be together again someday...  

spedz, whats up dude, thinking about woodcocks and woodpeckers??

mathews, u suck at DDR!!!! (but you can skate wayyyyyy better than me :-(  

kristin, u rox too girl, vampyrs kick major ass =(:    sorry i dont get to talk 2 u as much as i used to :-(

landry, sorry i drank all of your "dr. Laugh" in tv class that time, i was just really really thirsty, even if it was just water and blue food coloring

jen, canada kicks infinite ass :-P what ever happened to our punk band??? (that one goes 4 spez and landry too) have fun breaking peoples limbs at hockey

Tetsuo412501, keepin it real in texas, ddr and skateboarding are life!!!!!

Very special ski club shoutouts to: sparky (me), Grampy (jill), ernie (saben), and cha cha (jake)

to everyone else i forgot... i'm really sorry that i forgot about you :-(  its just really late at night, so u all get a hug (as long as you're a girl lolz) because i forgot u ::hug::